Highline Preparation Course – Amsterdam

Hi there!

Are you interested in learning how to highline? Here in the Netherlands, that can be quite challenging. That’s why SlackNED has installed 2 indoor highlines in a boulder gym in Amsterdam!

However, to be allowed on the highline, you need to be able to do a mantle mount and a leash climb. Being able to stand without jumping from the ground is also advisable to make the session more fun. This course is aimed to teach you exactly that!

The course will only happen at least 8 people sign up. You can sign up until 20th of November

Price (highline session included)

  • €55 for SlackNED members*
  • €75 for non SlackNED members
  • Did you participate in the crowdfunding and chose this as a reward? Then the course is for free!

*Consider becoming a member, the fee is €35/year. You receive discount as well at the indoor highline. Go to www.slackned.nl/wordlid

What will you learn?

  • How to leash climb
  • How to mantle mount
  • How to stand on a slackline (knee drop mount, chongo or sit start)
  • If there is time and interest, some rigging basics.

Dates & Time

Time from 19:00 till 21:00.

  • 25th of November
  • 2nd of December
  • 9th of December
  • 1x Free highline sessions on a moment that suits you.


USC Sportcentrum Universum

Science Park 306, 1098 XH Amsterdam

If you have your own harness please bring it. If you have a slackline please bring it!


The lessons will be guided by the very experienced Pieter Vis!