Spaarnwoude: The first official midline spot in The Netherlands

The Spaarnwoude highline is official slackline territory since Recreatieschap Spaarnwoude (manager of Spaarnwoude Park) gave us access in the spring of 2024. This 90m line spans between the eye catching climbing wall and the hill with the “discs” monument, and offers an epic Dutch highline experience in an aesthetic and green location.

Rigging this line is only for slackliners with proper gear and experience. Users of this highline location are responsible for their own safety and that of the other park visitors. Make sure to never leave the line unattended and to de-rig the line when the day is over. Please also make sure not to disturb any climbers during the rigging/sessioning and to keep the bicycle path below the line free at all times. Wildcamping is not allowed in the Spaarnwoude recreational area.

The static side of the line is rigged on three bolts with red glue on top of the third highest block of the climbing tower. Please don’t use any of the climbing bolts that are on an vertical parts of the blocks. The dynamic anchor is rigged on two trees, a couple of meters right of the disc monument (facing the hill), redirected to an A-frame. It is advised to bring a segmented highline setup.

The A-frame can be borrowed for free and picked up at SnowWorld. You can just go to the counter and they will know where to find it. Their opening times during weekends are from 09:30 – 22:00, Wednesday to Friday from 11:00 – 22:00 and Monday and Tuesday from 13:30 – 22:00. If you want to check if they are open earlier (sometimes they are), call 0255545842. Please bring the A-frame back in time so it can be stored inside again. If you are too late, you can store it on their terrasse, but make sure to call the counter the next day so they can store it inside again.

It can be handy to bring trimming scissors because there can be a lot of blackberry bushes around the tree anchors that are growing fast during the summer.

The line is situated at “Klimmuur Spaarnwoude Velzen-Zuid” (52.4483622, 4.6769303), within the area called Oosterbroek in Spaarnwoude Park. Access is free for everyone as long as there are no organized events (or during their build up). Please check on the website before going and make sure there’s no event in “Oosterbroek, Velzen-Zuid”. Yearly events are Strong Viking, Dance Valley, Latin Village and Dutch Valley. Events at “De Ven, Oosterbroek” are not held at the highline location!

If there is any trouble with law enforcement, refer them to the website of Spaarnwoude. (Link will be posted soon). We have official access for this spot so they cannot send you away.

If you have any questions, want to know what to bring for the rigging or perhaps want to rig the line with some locals, don’t hesitate to write us on facebook, post in the slackline Amsterdam Facebook group or join the Open Slackchat group on Whatsapp so we can hook you up!

Much love,
The SlackNED board

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