Highlineweek Switzerland 2023

Hereby we officially announce the 2023 SlackNED Highline Week! This year, the highline week will be organized during week 22 (May 26th – June 4th) at Käppeli, 3863 Gadmen, Zwitserland! 

General information

  • There are 10 beds and 3 camper van spots available, a total of 20 people including the organizers and riggers.
  • The estimated costs for the entire week excluding travel costs are ~420 euros! which includes the following:
    • Sleeping arrangement 
    • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner (vegetarian and vegan by request)
    • Many highlines!
  • Required pre-payment of ~200 euros (information will follow after sign ups have taken place)

Getting to Kappeli is possible by train or by carpooling with others coming on the week! 

Have a look at last year!

Registration date

The registration form will be accessible from Tuesday, February 28th at 20.00. It will be on a First come, First serve basis. We advise setting a shitload of alarms. 

Minimal required experience

To be able join the highline week it is required to be able to perform a Mantle mount and leash climbing, we however strongly advise you to already have some prior highline experience which you can easily gain by booking a session at Beboulder, Amsterdam.
Lastly, everyone who joins the week must be 18+.

  • Mantle mount – You can practice this with a regular setup that you install between trees at 1.5m high
  • Leash climbing – You can practice this with a similar setup + a leash. If you don’t have a leash and leashring, take a piece of old (climbing) rope that’s still strong enough to hold you. Tie a figure 8 around your webbing (pad it properly so there won’t be any abrasion of rope on webbing) and tie yourself in.
  • For more highline tutorials you can check out Slacktivity

Required gear

In addition to skills, you must also have some personal gear that you need to use during the week. These are the following: 

Any Questions?

Any questions regarding the Highline week or the required highline experience can be emailed to activiteiten@slackned.nl