Frequently Asked Questions Indoor highline @ Be Boulder Amsterdam

Down here are the most asked questions, if you question is not written down here, send us an email to

I can’t use the link to the booking page on the information page?
You need to make an account on our website to be able to book a highline session. This is neccesary for the booking program. You can do it by clicking on this link.

Can I reschedule my booking?
You can reschedule your booking in your account. Log in to your account and go to Booking > Bookings > Find the day you want to reschedule, and press ‘reschedule’.

Can I cancel my session?
You can cancel your session at the same place where you can reschedule your booking. If it’s within 24 hours please let us know over at, depending on the circumstances we can give you a refund.

I just became SlackNED member but my discount on the session is not applied when booking?
Your account needs to have the role “SlackNED member”. This process is at the moment not automated yet. If you just became a member and you want to book quickly, just send us an email at

Do I need to be able to walk on the highline?
No you don’t! If you can get back on the line with a leash climb and a mantle mount, you are ready to start your highline adventure!